Non-Surgery Options

What Are The Nonsurgical Options?


Lifestyle changes

If you are ‘big boned’, losing weight can reduces the amount of fatty tissue in the neck and throat and lead to significant improvements. Quit smoking, avoid alcohol in the evening, as well as sleeping pills.


Home Solutions

If you snore only when lying on your back, sewing a tennis or golf ball into the back of your pajamas will prod you to sleep on your side. Another simple solution that helps some snorers is to elevate your head by propping up one end of the bed a few inches. You will need more than just a couple of extra pillows.


Store Products

Nasal strips, which you've probably seen worn by professional athletes, consist of two flat parallel band of plastic embedded in a special adhesive pad. When placed across the nose, the bands lift the skin upward and outward, pulling open the flexible cartilage walls and widening the nasal valve. There is some evidence that they may be of marginal benefit. Mechanical dilators, usually made of plastic, are inserted just inside the nostril and push outward. Patients whose snoring originates from the mouth and throat won't benefit from these devices.




Nasal congestion can often be helped by a combination of nasal steroid spray (eg. Nasonex or Rhinocort) – use these only in consultation with your doctor. Avoid over-the-counter spray decongestants; their effect diminishes after a few days, excessive use can damage the lining of the nose, and it's easy to become dependent on them.


Dental Devices

These are very effective if fitted by an experienced, trained practitioner and quite well tolerated by most patients. Broadly, there are 2 types: mandibular (lower jaw) advancing devices (MAS) or tongue retaining devices (TRDs). The former are used most often and more comfortable. They are like mouth guards, bringing the lower jaw forward, thereby pulling the base of the tongue with it and opening up the airway as you sleep.

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