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The Snore Solutions Difference

Don’t miss out on a good night’s sleep because of you or your partner’s snoring or sleep apnoea ever again. From tiredness to depression, from high blood pressure to diabetes, and from difficulty losing weight to decreased sexual performance, snoring and sleep apnoea are serious conditions. Our specially trained Sleep Therapists and Scientists can provide a complete evaluation, consultation and treatment under guidance from Internationally recognised leading Medical Specialists.

One of our experienced Sleep Scientists will meet with you for a thorough assessment at the first consultation. There are a range of diagnostic aids to assist us assess your sleep quality in a comprehensive manner which you will be offered to take home at your convenience. We will then arrange an appointment to run through the results in detail. We will then offer one of several proven effective methods of treatments tailored to your needs and problem area. If you’ve implemented lifestyle changes, yet your snoring is still an issue, it’s time for an appointment at our snoring centres. We’ll examine you for the causes of your snoring and the ailments that result because of your lack of sleep. We’ll then recommend the appropriate treatment for your particular snoring disorder, and we’ll seek to treat you with as minimally invasive techniques as possible, thus avoiding surgicy. Your snoring may lead to serious health problems and it’s time to receive treatment. Don’t lose another night’s sleep! Conveniently located in Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore.

Visit us we’ll discover the cause of your snoring so you can get the treatment you need. Contact us for an appointment today!


Snoring Remedies & Lifestyle Changes

Snoring can be a difficult and frustrating problem to deal with, especially for the person sharing a bed with you. Rest assured and rest asleep – help is available at SSI. Minor or casual snoring problems can often be improved with changes to your lifestyle or activities. The following tips may help improve your snoring:

  • Diet & Exercise. Extra body weight contributes to snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. The basic tenets to gradual weight loss and good health include developing healthy eating habits and increasing daily physical activity, which can improve your snoring.
  • Sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your back can result in your tongue pressing back against your throat and obstruct airflow. We do have effective postural therapies at SSI which can effectively help with this strategy.
  • Treat nasal allergies and congestion.
  • Reduce sedatives, smoking and alcohol. Avoid alcoholic beverages and sleeping aids before going to bed.

If simple remedies fail to improve your sleep quality or snoring, you will need further investigation to check just why. Learn more about snoring symptoms, complications, and the treatment options that we offer at by calling us today to schedule your consultation!



Treating Snoring Disorders

  1. Oral Appliances. Oral appliance therapy (OAT) is a non-invasive treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea, accepted and recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and most International bodies. These appliances are similar in appearance to mouth guards or retainers and are worn while you sleep. They are custom fitted and work by advancing the lower jaw or tongue to keep the airway open during sleep. They also keep the soft tissue in the mouth from collapsing and obstructing breathing, significantly improving many patients with sleep apnoea and snoring. They are small, comfortable, silent and easy to carry when traveling.
  2. Nasal EPAP.
  3. CPAP. The continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP unit delivers a gentle flow of air usually through the nose, very effectively keeping the tissues from collapsing. The CPAP unit consists of a small air pressure generator which is really quiet, connected to a snug-fitting nasal mask that is worn while sleeping. They are extremely effective and many sufferers of sleep apnoea become comfortable in using them under the guidance of a well trained sleep therapist.
  4. Postural Therapies.
  5. Surgery.


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